Reiki is an energy-based therapy that offers profound relaxation. By allowing the body to release tension and blockages, Reiki promotes healing on all levels. Reiki does not involve manipulating bones or tissues. Reiki practitioners use a light touch with their hands on their clients' bodies or will hover their palms over them. Because it is not a massage, clothing is left on. Although, wearing loose-fitting garments is recommended for your comfort/relaxation.

One session  (60 minutes)                                      60.00

Three session package (3 x 60 minutes)             165.00 

Psychosomatic energetic (REBA) testing             65.00          Learn More 

Calluna holistic is dedicated to running an inclusive practice. People of all cultural and racial origins, religions, genders, orientations, sizes, classes and abilities are always welcome.

Activist, student and senior rates are available. Please email for more information.