What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy, or medical herbalism, is the use of plant medicine to prevent and treat illness. It merges ancient folk wisdom with modern research to offer a unique method of healing. Plants have evolved chemicals they use to communicate and defend themselves against predators, disease, and environmental challenges. Herbalists use their knowledge of plant chemistry to treat acute and chronic illness. The subtle energies of plants can also be involved, such as with homeopathics and flower essences.

Your introductory phone consultation will involve a discussion of your current situation and goals for treatment. If a herbal approach is determined to be appropriate, then a full consult will follow. At the end of your consultation you will be given one or more custom herbal formulations tailored specifically to your symptoms and constitution. If appropriate, you may also receive suggestions regarding supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle practices.

In short, phytotherapy is natural medicine tailored to meet your needs.

Fee schedule:

Intro phone consultation (up to 30 minutes) 25.00*

Initial consultation (90-120 minutes)             135.00

Follow up consultation (60 minutes)               90.00

Follow up consultation (30 minutes)               45.00

*FREE for a limited time

Calluna holistic is dedicated to running an inclusive practice. People of all cultural and racial origins, religions, genders, orientations, sizes, classes and abilities are always welcome.

Activist, student and senior rates are available. Please email for more information.