Heather Lynne Newman BA, D. Phyt, CYT

Medical Herbalist, Yoga teacher, Reiki M​aster

      Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Heather saw the limitations of generalized medicine at a young age. She spent much of her adolescence in the medical system. By age 18, she had determined that standardized protocols in medicine were lacking, and healthcare should be personalized.

      In 2003, she began a career path in holistic health: working at integrated clinics, health food stores, holistic centres, and writing articles on natural health. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, did her Yoga teacher training, and moved to the West coast.

      In 2011, Heather began working for a Medical Herbalist named Bev Maya, an expert in hormonal health. Working with herbs inspired her to seek a more in-depth knowledge of botanical medicine. She apprenticed for another two years before moving to Victoria for formal schooling in the field. Heather graduated with highest honours from the Pacific Rim College Phytotherapy Diploma program in 2016.

       Heather seeks to be a force for revolution in the world. Herbalism is an obvious choice: it empowers the client and offers the customized approach she'd been seeking for so many years. Heather is a queer woman, and she is happy to educate and support folks of all genders and orientations. Clinical interests include mental health, digestive health, food intolerances, and hormonal health.

      Heather is happy to serve the public as an educator and matchmaker between people and plants. Offerings include Medical herbalism consultations, Energy therapy, Energetic Herbalism sessions, and REBA testing.

Photo credit: Alexis Hennig

Natural Medicine

As a child, I was always cooking or making some other kind of potion. Today I am blessed to be making herbal medicines professionally, and I never did stop cooking.

   In 2005, I began working at the Pointe-Claire Holistic Centre where I first became acquainted with the field of natural medicine. There I learned about plant medicine, homeopathy, supplements, nutrition, cooking, and yoga. I spent a few years managing the Centre and writing articles about healthy living.

   I chose to study the mind, beginning university with a major in Linguistics and completing a second major specialization in Psychology. My focus was on language processing and behavioural neurobiology. After graduating with distinction from Concordia University in 2011, I came to Vancouver for its majestic natural beauty. I began to work for a medical herbalist and was inspired to return to the path of natural medicine.

    I left Vancouver in 2013 to study botanical medicine at Pacific Rim College, which offered one of the most comprehensive herbal medicine programs in the Western world. In the fall of 2016, I graduated from their Phytotherapy program with highest honours and over 500 hours of clinical practice. Since then, I have returned to Vancouver to work at Maya Natural Health with Bev Maya, a medical herbalist who is a leading expert in endocrine health.

Energy Medicine

For as long as I can recall I have been drawn to energy work. When I received my first Reiki treatment in 2012, it was somehow subtle and yet incredibly powerful. My experience during the session was then confirmed by an energetic testing device, and I have since become trained in both Reiki and energetic testing with the REBA device. In 2012, I did my Usui reiki level 1 training with Myorei healing and subsequent levels through Reiki master Nicole Langille. Finally, I became a Reiki master in January of 2018. I have been practicing Reiki hands-on and via distance method since 2014. It is an absolute joy to practice, and recipients have reported deep relaxation, relief from anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain, and grief.

Movement & Meditation 

My dear aunt introduced me to yoga in my single digits. I took to it immediately. At age 11 I was one of two students doing yoga as an extracurricular, back when the practice was considered very strange. Eventually, I found Ayurveda, and it quickly became a second language to me. I did my yoga teacher training at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal in 2011 and have continued to study Ayurveda formally and informally. The spiritual and therapeutic elements of yoga have always interested me more than the physical benefits. I went on to teach yoga to people with substance abuse disorders and to older adults in assisted living. Since leaving Montreal, I have been teaching private lessons to students of all levels, including people with injuries and other limitations. As with herbal medicine, I take particular joy in tailoring methods to meet my clients' unique needs.